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Happy 6th Anniversary, Hunih
January 18, 2017
  Wah.. We already 6 years together and we already had 2 children, hunih.. ^^
This year, we celebrate at La Vue Rooftop Restaurant @ The Hermitage Hotel MentengActually I already curious for that r...
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Having 2 Children
December 20, 2016
  Having 2 children at home is challenging ya ^^Coz the bigger one is often fell jealous.. 
One day, when night was come and the Kiddo#2 wanted milk and Kiddo#1 didn't want to sleep alone.. Mo...
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Welcome My 2nd Baby Girl!
November 23, 2016
  Last week our 2nd Baby already born  
"Caitlin Patricia Lazuardy"Born November 16th, 2016 at 09.49 amWith weight 2.750 kg & 47 cm length

She was so beautiful like ...
more • Welcome My 2nd Baby Girl!
My Early Maternity Leave
November 13, 2016
  I just took my maternity leave at November 7th, but actually I will do SC 1 week later.. coz I want to spend this week with my little girl first ^^
I love spent this week with my CG!
For thi...
more • My Early Maternity Leave
Playing @ Paws n Tails Dog Cafe
October 3, 2016
  Few weeks ago, we went to Paws n Tails Dog Cafe, Gading SerpongIt's quite expensive ya for playing a dogs.. It costs @50.000 / person / hour, But since our little girl still 3 years old so she's got f...
more • Playing @ Paws n Tails Dog Cafe
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